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Phagosome proteome analysis software

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We have developed, at the Curie Institute, a unique methodology dedicated to the identification of phagosome proteins in dendritic cells, under various experimental conditions. This methodoly incorporates a unique sample preparation procedure based on 96 well plate complex sample trypsinization, a nano-LC-based peptide separation coupled to MSMS analysis sequencing. This procedure led us to the identification of 600 phagosomal proteins from murine DC phagosomes. An integrated software solution has been developed to analyse these results and to perform comparative analysis of phagosome proteomes obtained in various conditions.

This methodology has been applied successfully to identify:

a) a set of proteins specifically associated to phagosomes in DCs but not other phagocytes, such as macrophages,
b) a set of proteins specifically recruited to phagosomes during DCs maturation induced by various Toll-Like Receptors.

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