Pathway Signature Repository

Pathway Signature Repository

Welcome to the pathway signature repository. This service will enable you to compare your oen microarray experiment (Affymetrix or Illumina) against a selected database of immunological experiments retrieved from public sources. There is no need to perform normalization or filtering: the system does everything for you.

To use the system, you will need:

Once you have those, simply create a new pathway analysis task and follow the instructions. You will be prompted for the data file and for the comparisons you want to make. Then the system will process your request (it may take some time).
Once the run is complete, you will be able to download a clustering image of your samples along with the ones in the database (identified by their public ID) and a text file which contains the matrix used for the clustering (that can be used in other programs).

As a final word, bear in mind that this web service is still under development. Please file issues at ... with a detailed explanation of the error that occurred.

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