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A key player in 21st century oncology

Since its creation in 1909 and its state approval as a foundation in 1921, the Institut Curie has brought together scientists and physicians with a common goal: to defeat cancer. Marie Curie's legacy of the “Curie model” is defined by the seamless interface between cutting-edge basic research and innovative and quality healthcare. Its originality stems from its unique approach in a unique setting, the bringing together of scientists, nurses and patients so as to expedite access to diagnosis and new treatments. The Curie model benefits patients and inspires other institutes in France and beyond.

The Research Center of the Institut Curie is one of the most important in Europe and the largest in France dedicated to cancer research. It houses 61 joint Institut Curie - CNRS or INSERM research groups whose common goal is to increase knowledge and ameliorate patient management using state-of-the-art technology platforms.

The Technology Transfer Department spearheads translational research and forms a vital link between basic research and healthcare, thus expediting transfer of scientific innovations from bench to bedside. It is developing new diagnostic techniques and more effective and safer approaches to treatment.

The Institut Curie Hospital is a private organization which contributes to the public health system. With its diagnostic (imaging, pathology, laboratory testing) and therapeutic (surgery, radiotherapy, medical treatments, support treatment) armory, it blends technology and care, and ensures national and international dissemination of medical innovations.
A pioneer in a number of conservative treatments, the Hospital is a reference center throughout the world for breast cancer, pediatric tumors, sarcomas, eye tumors and numerous advanced techniques such as oncogenetics and precision radiotherapy (curietherapy, proton therapy).

The Institut Curie has a Scientific Board whose remit is to guide its research policy and validate scientific choices. The Board's members are internationally recognized leaders in research and medicine.

Various departments ensure that the Institut Curie runs smoothly: financial management, development, communications, fundraising, legal, working hand in hand with the institutional services.
Aiming at excellence and innovation

The Institut Curie's fame is rooted in the excellence of its scientific and medical work, carried out by highly skilled personnel, and also in the quality of its technological platforms and equipment. The Institut itself funds ambitious research projects, their transfer to medical applications, and diagnostic and therapeutic innovation.
Through its innovative programs and the dissemination of their findings around the world, Institut Curie scientists and clinicians contribute to the development of new treatments.
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