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Michaela Gündel

Michaela is a bioinformatician and has worked in the following areas of bioinformatics:

- Construction and implementation of a microarray analysis workflow for Agilent, Affymetrix and Amersham chip data, especially normalization, finding differentially expressed genes and clustering and functional analyses using GO clustering (EU @neurist programme on intracranial aneurism)

- Analyst for the DC-THERA Directory based on (mainly) OBO ontologies

- Mapping of ontological concepts in OpenGALEN and MeSH to the NEUROWEB ontology (EU NEUROWEB project)

- Descriptive data analyses: ocular trauma patient data, analysis of surveys conducted by AIDO (Associazione Italiana per la Donazione di Organi, Tessuti e Cellule); implementation of a data analysis web service

- Ontology in various contexts (VPH and disease contexts) (ongoing work)
from Nov 2007 to Jul 2010
DC-THERA Partner
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Address Office: 40, St Bedes Gardens
CB1 3UF Cambridge

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