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Leaf Bioscience is a company operating in Italy in the area of Bioinformatics/ IT. Its mission is to provide professional IT support, bioinformatic software development and consultancy to the life science community and in new emerging biotech areas. Leaf Bioscience know-how covers the more relevant fields in bioinfomatics: IT, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Statistics, coming from both industrial and academic experience. It can thus provide a full range of services. Furthermore Leaf Bioscience's attention to opensource, vendor neutral solutions, and its close contact to the academic community, allows it to offer cutting edge technology at competitive costs.
Affiliated Persons
from Jan 2003 to present
Scientific responsible
from Jan 2003 to present
Financial responsible
from Nov 2007 to Jul 2010
from Sep 2011 to Sep 2011
Contact Information
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Phone +33 688899404
Address Office: Via Achille Papa, 30
20149 Milan (Lombardy)

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