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Use of nano-particles for intestinal vaccine delivery

preclinical study dataset

Data have been obtained on the use of nano-particles for intestinal vaccine delivery from our continued investigation of the use of nano-particles as oral vaccine vehicles (Cerovic). We have identified an important role for complement C1q in the uptake of scrapie agent by dendritic cells (Flores-Langarica).We have shown that a protein from Schistosomes has dramatic effects on intestinal physiology, including dendritic cells (Nassar). We have shown that steady-state intestinal denritic cells are not constitutively biased towards stimluating Th2 responses (Milling). We have shown that antigen given orally during intestinal inflammation stimulates a strong response rather than tolerance.(Sebti). We have clarified the roles of dendritic cells and regulatory T cells in a Th2-biased inflammatory bowel disease (McDonald).

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