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Proteomic assessment of CD4+ Th-cells specific for defined antigens

proteomics dataset

We obtained data assessing the entire CD4+ Th-cells specific for defined antigens also for murine cells (based on the strategies developed in work performed in 2005 (Frentsch et al., Nature Medicine 2005)). For intracellular assessment of CD154 induced in the course of short-term activation target cells are stimulated with antigen for 6h in the presence of the secretion inhibitor BrefA (for 4h). For extracellular analysis of live antigen-specific Th-cells cells are stimulated in the presence of an anti-CD40 blocking antibody and biotinylated anti-CD154 antibody. We have used this system to detect antigen-specific Th-cells after in vitro or ex vivo stimulation. Since the entire population of antigen-specific Th-cells can be assessed in combination with intracellular cytokine analysis the methodology enables a combined quantitative and qualitative highly sensitive monitoring of Th-cell immunity (also after DC vaccination).

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