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Proteomic investigations on the three known splenic subsets (CD8+, CD4+, DN DC) using mass spectrometry

proteomics dataset

Our group has obtained proteomic data on the three known splenic subsets (CD8+, CD4+, DN DC).

Despite the significant advances in mass spectrometry, which has enabled much of proteomics, due to various analytical challenges so far no eukaryotic total cell proteome has been sequenced completely. An alternative approach is to purify single organelles or DC components in order to generate the proteomic data.

An additional problem is to obtain highly pure fractions of DC from crude population of untouched splenic cells with a purity of 70-80%. This includes several sophisticated steps for depletion of all unwanted cell types. The crude population of DC is divided into the three known splenic subsets (CD8+, CD4+, DN DC) using Fluorescence activated cell sorting (BD FACS Aria). This procedure allowed to obtain highly pure fractions of each subset. However, because DC are a very rare population, this method is very material- and cost-intensive. Furthermore, it is not surprising that the obtained cell numbers of each subset after isolation are below 107. However, these cell numbers should be sufficient for proteomic investigations. The proteomes of all three subsets using mass spectrometry is in progress.

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