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Proteomic analysis of DC-derived organelles such as the exosomes

proteomics dataset

Proteomic data was obtained from a proteomic analysis of DC-derived organelles such as the exosomes. Following the extensive proteomic analysis of immature and mature DC-derived exosomes, ICAM-1 was identified as the major protein on mature DC-derived exosomes, required for their functional activity. In order to functionally validate the proteomic data, the antigen-presenting function has been investigated. Exosomes bearing functional MHC-peptide complexes have been shown to be presented at the surface of recipient DCs as intact "antigen-presenting microdomains", without the need for internalisation and reprocessing by the DC. It has been shown that DCs express specific receptors for exosomes. Since ICAM-1 on exosomes is required for their ability to activate T cells via DCs in vitro, the role of Mac-1 and LFA-1 (the major ligands for ICAM-1) as potential receptors for exosomes has been investigated. A new role for LFA-1 on DCs as a receptor for exosomes has been proposed.

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