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RCC phase 2 trial

clinical study dataset

Data have been obtained from a phase 2 study testing PME-CD40L DC in RCC patients with clear cell histology.

The Phase 2 trial has the same general design, dosing regimen, endpoints, and immunomonitoring plan as the completed RCC trial.
However, the Phase 2 study tests the improved RCC product (i.e., PME-CD40L DC) and is restricted to RCC patients with clear cell histology.

As predicted from the in vitro data, the improved PME-CD40L DC product does indeed lead to restoration of both IL-2 and IFN-? responses. Also consistent with our in vitro observation is the gradual decline of the immune effector T cells in the peripheral circulation (i.e., weaker signal after the fifth dose). This is indicative of T cell effector memory maturation (i.e., CD8+/CD28+/CD45RA- T cells) which are equipped to leave the peripheral circulation and infiltrate the tissues in surveillance of target antigens. It is also noteworthy that presence of CD28+ T cells in tumor lymphocytic infiltrates correlates with favorable clinical outcome.

In contrast to the disease stabilization observed in our first RCC study, using the PME-CD40L DC product we have observed tumor regressions in a number of patients in the current study. At present, 6 of 12 patients that have been restaged using RECIST criteria have less tumor burden that when they enrolled in the study (15 weeks earlier).

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