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BALB/c mice (not immunized)

Mus musculus

These not immunized mice were used in a DC staining experiment.

To investigate whether several mAb could be used to detect APC presenting LACK in vivo, BALB/c mice were immunized or not with either LACK or OVA. LN cells were purified 2 days later, and stained with either 2C44, 2F74, 2E60 or 2X8 mAb. None of these mAb stained DC purified from non immunized mice. However, among the 4 mAb, only 2C44 could stain DC in LACK-immunized mice, but not in OVA-immunized mice. Furthermore, 2C44 stained DC from LACK-immunized mice expressing the H2-d haplotype but did not stain DC from LACK-immunized mice of other haplotypes. Thus, the 2C44 mAb allows for the detection of DC which captured and processed LACK in vivo.

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