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Gene expression in CD8 T cells in different inflammatory contexts

transcriptomic dataset

We obtained data from studies of CD8 T cell properties in man comparing HIV, CMV and EBV-specific cells.

It is usually assumed that effector gene expression in CD8 T cells may be similar in all immune responses, CD8 T cells in vivo differentiating into cytotoxic T cells that also produce g-inf. In contrast we published in 2007 that CD8 follow several differentiation waves and that effector gene expression is heterogeneous, different effector genes having different kinetics of expression-down regulation and associating randomly, suggesting that different immune responses could induce diverse differentiation patterns.

In the present year:
1° We studied the first differentiation wave, that occurs immediately after antigen stimulation, when cells able to induce inflammation are produced. We found a major expression of pro-inflammatory chemokines that is restricted to this period. We also developed an in vivo test where these effectors are transplanted in a matrigel, to study their capacity to attract other cell types.

2° We initiated a vast comparison between CD8 T cells responding to very different stimuli. Our preliminary results show that CD8 T cells responding either to virus or Listeria have very different properties, indicating that the inflammatory context defines CD8 T cells with different properties.

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