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Capacity of innate stimuli to modulate DC - iNKT crosstalk; role of lipids in signalling from TcR of iNKT cells

signalling dataset

Data has been obtained on the activation of human DC by Toll like receptor ligands (TLR-L) that modulates the lipid biosynthetic pathway, resulting in enhanced recognition of CD1d-associated lipids by iNKT cells. DC derived soluble factors further increase CD1d-restricted iNKT cell activation, as defined by IFN-alpha secretion. Finally, using soluble tetrameric iNKT TCR as a staining reagent we demonstrate specific up-regulation of CD1d-bound ligands upon TLR-mediated APC maturation. The ability of innate stimuli to modulate the lipid profile of DC resulting in iNKT cell activation, underscores the role of iNKT cells in assisting priming of antigen specific immune responses.

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