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Definition of novel innate signalling pathway in DC via dectin-1

signalling dataset

We have data on a novel innate signalling pathway in DC. Using curdlan as a specific agonist of dectin-1, we have shown that this C-type lectin couple to Syk kinase leads to activation of ERK, JNK and p38 MAPKs, as well as NF-kappaB. However, signalling terminates rapidly once the receptor is internalised, thereby explaining previous observations that large, non-phagocytisable Dectin-1 ligands are much more potent agonists than smaller ones.

This is the first example of a bona fide signalling pathway from a cell surface innate receptor other than a TLR.

We will continue to study innate signalling pathways in dendritic cells. Our focus will be on TLR-independent signalling pathways involved in viral recognition, including RIG-I and MDA5, as well as signalling via C-type lectins related to Dectin-1, such as Dectin-2 and DNGR-1.

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