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Proteomic analyses of the integral plasma membrane proteome mouse DC - pilot study

proteomics dataset

We obtained data on the protein changes that occur at the cell surface of a maturing DC, induced by a prototypical maturation stimulus such as LPS. Results obtained from the LC-MS/MS analysis of the integral plasma membrane proteome of D1 cells stimulated for 24 hours with LPS have been compared to the results obtained from immature D1 cells. As expected, DC up-regulated the cell surface expression of all proteins known to be part of the so-called “immunological synapse”, namely MHC class II (region E and K), CD40, CD80, CD86 and ICAM. Interestingly, LPS stimulation caused down-regulation of the AXL receptor, which has been reported to be associated in vivo with the control of the responsiveness of antigen-presenting cells to LPS. Although these data still need independent validation, we would like to propose that DC need to down-regulate this inhibitory receptor upon encountering a maturation stimulus in order to be released from their immature state and to be licensed to achieve a fully mature phenotype.

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