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Identification of a novel C-type lectin (DNGR-1) for antigen targeting to DCs

proteomics dataset

We have obtained data based on the characterization of a novel C-type lectin expressed primarily in mouse CD8?+ DC and their putative human equivalents. This lectin, named DNGR-1, can serve as a receptor for antigen targetting to DC. Notably, tumour antigens coupled to anti-DNGR-1 antibodies and given together with a suitable adjuvant elicit potent CTL responses that can promote tumour regression.

We will continue to explore the use of DNGR-1 as a tool for targeting antigens to DC in vivo. In particular, we will examine if such targeting in the absence of adjuvants allows induction of tolerance. We will further examine whether it can result in MHC class II presentation, allowing for manipulation of the CD4+ T cell compartment.

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