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Proteomic maps of lysosomes from mouse DC +/- activation

proteomics dataset, signalling dataset

We have been following up on the effort to generate proteomics map data of lysosomes purified from non-activated and activated mouse DCs. The decision to focus on the most important organelle for DC activity has been driven from the need to describe in greater detail the proteins involved in the DC response both qualitatively and quantitatively. The partner has been trying to quantify the relative amount of 400 proteins.

They have also indexed better this list and are currently comparing it to a list of proteins present in macrophages lysosomes (in collaboration with M. Desjardins, Uni of Montreal). They hope to distinguish specific features of DCs to further understand the antigen processing and presentation abilities of these cells in response to pathogens.

Meanwhile, they have finalized their effort and have been repeating 3 times this analysis to put quantitative figures on the qualitative list of identified proteins. This list has been transferred to Duccio Cavalieri as part of the DC-ATLAS effort. They have identified several proteins of interest and are waiting to have a sufficient staffing to characterize their function in DC response to pathogens. Their laboratory is also involved in the pathway curation program initiated by Duccio Cavalieri. They are participating in the curation of the MHC class II and MHC class I.

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