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Analysis of the endocytic pathway in DC and tracking internalised C-type lectins

imaging dataset

We have used fluorescence microscopy to analyse the endocytic pathway in DC and to track C-type lectins that are internalised from the cell surface. From these analyses, there is data available.

As part of this work, we have used microscopy to study the effect of Dectin-1 uptake on its ability to signal for downstream responses. Finally, we have shown that fluorescently-labelled antibodies against a novel C-type lectin, DNGR-1, can be used to mark DC upon injection into mice and might therefore be useful for in vivo imaging studies.

Microscopy will continue to be used to understand molecular dynamics in cell biology and immunology, including studies of signalling pathways in dendritic cells. In particular, we are using imaging approached to define the endocytic ability of DNGR-1 and its ability to intersect with antigen processing compartments. We are also creating knock-in and transgenic reporter mice in which specific mouse DC subsets are marked with fluorescent proteins for in vivo imaging studies.

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