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Prophylactic immunization with DCs loaded with Ag-IgG immune complexes leads to efficient induction of tumor protection in mice

preclinical study dataset

Data has been obtained on DCs loaded with Ag-IgG immune complexes (ICs) as a means of prophylactic immunization in mice.

Therapeutic vaccinations strongly delay tumor growth or even prevent tumors from growing out. By depleting CD4+ and CD8+ cell populations prior to tumor challenge, CD8+ cells were identified as the main effector cells involved. Importantly, DCs pre-loaded in vitro with ICs are at least 1000-fold more potent than ICs injected directly into mice or DCs loaded with the same amount of non-complexed protein. FcgammaRs on DCs were required for efficient priming of Ag-specific CD8+ cells in vivo and induction of tumor protection. These findings show that targeting ICs via the activating FcgammaRs to DCs in vitro is superior to direct IC vaccination to induce protective tumor immunity in vivo.

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