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DC based vaccines expressing the tumor antigens PSA or Her2/neu

preclinical study dataset

Protein expression data is available for our pre-clinical work aiming at developing DC based vaccines expressing the tumor antigens PSA or Her2/neu. Monocyte rich fractions were produced by elutriation under GMP conditions and cultured for 5 days with GM-CSF and IL-4. Conditions for transfection with electroporation (Amaxa) or with Adenovirus constructs have been established. Protein expression (Her2/neu, PSA) following transfection with a panel of different full length or truncated Her2/neu or PSA constructs was assessed using Facs analysis (Her2/neu) or assessment of soluble protein (PSA).

Work in progress is investigating conditions for stimulating CD4 and CD8 T cell responses with the transfected DCs, matured for 2 days in poly I:C. The activation status of CD4+/CD25+ T reg in TIL in prostate cancer has been analysed. A higher frequency of CD4+/CD25+/GITR+/ICOS+/FoxP3+ cells in the areas with malignancy as compared to normal prostate tissue or peripheral blood of patients with prostate cancer was found.

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