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Immunotherapy potential of DC pulsed with tumor antigens

preclinical study dataset

We obtained data on the immunotherapy potential of DC, pulsed with tumor antigens, through its evaluation in EG7-OVA and P815 tumor models. Depletion of natural regulatory T cells in tumor bearing mice resulted in rejection of P815 cells, but not EG7-OVA, suggesting that regulatory T cells have a stronger impact on immune responses against weakly immunogenic or auto-antigen (P1A). Treg are detected in growing P815 tumor and there is some evidence that 2 regulatory T cells develop sequentially. T cell activation was monitored by tetramer staining and in vivo CTL assay, and revealed strongly increased frequency of P1A-specific T cells after treatment with chemotherapeutic agent cyclophosphamide, but not after T reg depletion. The histological analysis of progressive versus regressing tumors underscores the role of dendritic cells and Gr1+ cells (yet to be defined population) in tumor rejection.

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