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Identification and characterization of CD8T lymphocyte populations in humans

proteomics dataset

We have obtained data on CD8T lymphocyte populations in humans from our effort to identify and characterize these populations. We compared the distribution of phenotypically distinct cell sets using seven color staining in the blood, lymph nodes and spleen. Due to our location in a pediatric hospital, we have access to these organs removed from patients that undergo surgery due to clinical situations that do not affect the immune system (most frequently malformations). We found that the addition of other markers allow to subdivide N, CM, TEM and TEMRA populations in additional cell types. These different cell types have a different distribution in the blood as compared to other lymphoïd organs. We characterized these subtypes in the blood by single-cell multiparametric analysis. Our preliminary results indicate these subtypes in the blood correspond to homogeneous different populations, but cells in each sub-type are homogeneous. We are presently analysing cells with the same phenotypes isolated from the LN, to investigate if they have similar characteristics.

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