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In vivo migration of DCs in melanoma patients exploring MRI

imaging dataset

Our group has MRI data available on the migration of DCs in vivo in melanoma patients. From isolated lymphnodes obtained after surgery we could identify single DC after staining with Prussian blue for iron. We are in the process of analysing the T cell rosettes (activation stage) that surround these DC to get insight in the functional activity.
It was also demonstrated that DCs transfected with RNA produce derived proteins in vivo in the lymph nodes.

Also efforts were spent to get further information on the dynamics of immature and mature DCs. We discovered (van Helden et al JI 2006) that podosomes are present in immature DCs but absent on highly migratory mature monocytes derived DCs. Interestingly, PGE2 treatment almost instantaneously resulted in the resolution of the podosomes, indicating that PGE2 mediated signalling is one of the earliest steps to induce a more migratory phenotype. Currently, we attempt to resolve the signalling pathway that is responsible for these phenotypical changes. Furthermore, we observed that the integrin LFA-1, while being active on monocytes is completely inactive on immature DCs. We discovered that this is not due to a downregulation of LFA-1 at the surface of the DC but rather to a different organization at the cell surface. While on monocytes LFA-1 is organized in small nanosized clusters, on immature DCs LFA-1 is distributed randomly at the cell surface (Cambi et al Mol. Biol. Cell 2006)

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