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« In vivo » responses to Ags

preclinical study dataset

Our lab obtained data on the kinetics of effector gene expression and association in TCR-Tg CD8 cells responding to the male antigen and to Listeria-OVA with regard to « in vivo » responses to Ags. Surprisingly, instead of a single program of differentiation leading to the coordinated expression of all effector genes; we found that individual effector genes had different kinetics of expression and associated randomly generating several new effector cell types. These results are published in J. Exp. Med. Since these results were obtained in TCR-Tg mice, and thus could be different from those of normal cells, we initiated a long program comparing the behaviour of TCR-Tg cells specific for GP-33 peptide, with LCMV-specific populations:

1) sharing the same GP33 specificity 
1a) present either in the same or
1b) in normal mice;

2) or other LCMV peptide specificities.

We thus could demonstrate that the rules established for TCR-Tg cells also apply to endogenous T cells i.e, all CD8 T cells behave similarly. This Ms. is submitted to publication.

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