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anti-MAGE-3.A1 CTL clones

cytotoxic T lymphocyte

A functional analysis of anti-MAGE-3.A1 CTL clones derived from vaccinated patients (either ALVAC canarypox virus vector, peptide-pulsed DC or peptide vaccination +/- montanide adjuvant) who displayed tumor regression was done.

The functional avidities of these CTL clones, evaluated in lysis assays, were surprisingly low, suggesting that high avidity was not part of the putative capability of these CTL to trigger tumor rejection. Most anti-MAGE-3.A1 CTL clones obtained after DC vaccination, but not after peptide or ALVAC vaccination, produced IL-10. Transcript profiling confirmed this result and indicated that about 20 genes, including CD40L, prostaglandin D2 synthase, granzyme K and granzyme H, were differentially expressed between the anti-MAGE-3.A1 CTL clones derived from patients vaccinated with peptide-ALVAC or with peptide-pulsed DC. These results indicate that the modality of vaccination with a tumor-specific antigen influences the differentiation pathway of the anti-vaccine CD8 T cells, which may have an impact on their capacity to trigger a tumor rejection response.

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