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B-CLL patients

Homo sapiens

The B-CLL patients were vaccinated with autologous, apoptotic, leukemic cells (Apo-DC).

The first cohort of patients received the vaccine without additional adjuvants, while the next cohort of 5 patients who receive the vaccine with GM-CSF as an adjuvant.

Clinical trial on vaccination of B-CLL patients with autologous, apoptotic, leukemic cells (Apo-DC), progressed further in 2007. Cohort 1 with the vaccine alone and cohort 2 (5 patients) combining the vaccine together with GM-CSF as an adjuvant has finished accrual and all patients in these two cohorts have been monitored for 52 weeks. The clinical and immune monitoring data is being currently analyzed.

The third cohort consisting of the vaccine and GM-CSF administered after a single dose of cyclophosphamide (300 mg/ sq. meter) is currently being accrued. Four of the five patients in this cohort have already received their vaccine and the final patient will be accrued in January.

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