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Peptide-pulsed DC derived-exosomes (Dex)

extracellular vesicular exosome

Dendritic cell (DC) derived-exosomes (Dex) were described as nanovesicles harbouring functional MHC molecules stimulating T cell responses. Mouse studies unraveled the bioactivity of Dex onto NK cells, Dex promoting a IL-15Ra-dependent NK cell proliferation and a NKG2D-dependent activation resulting in an anti-metastatic effect. In humans, Dex bear functional IL-15R? which allow proliferation and IFNg secretion by NK cells. In contrast to immature DC, human Dex harbor NKG2D ligands on their surface leading to a direct engagement of NKG2D and NK cell activation ex vivo. In our phase I clinical trial, we highlight the capacity of Dex based-vaccines to restore the number and NKG2D-dependent function of NK cells.

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