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Bone marrow of long bones

human bone marrow

The organization of bmDC, B lymphocytes and plasma cells in the BM of the long bones was studied by immunochistochemistry. Using CX3CR1GFP mice, in which bmDC are green fluorescent (GFP), the bmDC localization was analyzed and it was found that the cells were organized in unique clusters, mainly located in the endosteum of the BM. These DC co-localize with B cells and these clusters are occupying architecturally definable niches and are reminiscent to the niches that were found in the cranial BM parenchyma. By using Fibronectin antibody the stroma of the BM could be visualized. In addition, a large fraction of IgA positive plasma cells is located in the BM. Staining for these cells revealed that plasma cells are scattered through the BM and are not preferentially found in DC-B cell niche. However, depletion of DC led to reduction in IgA+ plasma cells, which might indicate that bmDC are critical for survival of these cells in the BM.

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