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Exponentially modified Protein Abundance Index (emPAI)


We have experience with the exponentially modified Protein Abundance Index (emPAI) method, a label free spectral counting procedure for determining relative protein amounts of LC-MS/MS data.

A comprehensive protein inventory of clinical grade immature and cytokine cocktail matured (Il-6, IL-1 beta, TNF alpha, PGE2; 48 hours) monocyte derived human dendritic cells (DC) from a healthy donor has been established by using high accuracy, high sensitivity protein identification technology. The criteria applied resulted in a list of 2794 unique proteins that were identified with high confidence, comprising of 2623 proteins detected in immature DCs, 1896 proteins in mature DCs, and 1725 proteins in both cell types. Differences were quantified by the exponentially modified Protein Abundance Index (emPAI) method.

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