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Assay to measure the proportions of Treg cells


We have know-how on assays to measure the proportions of Treg cells. For instance, we set up an assay to measure the proportions of Treg cells in tissues or cells that is based on the demethylation of a region of the FOXP3 promoter, which is observed in human Treg cells but not in the other T cells that can express FOXP3 transiently after activation. Starting from DNA, two quantitative PCR are used, which amplify the methylated and unmethylated FOXP3 promoter sequences. The ratio between the expression levels is, in our hands, a faithful Treg marker.

We will pursue our genetic analysis of T lymphocytes inside melanoma metastases: analyze their activation status, compare them with T cells infiltrating DTH reactions, explore the reasons for their apparent quiescence.

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