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The University of Zurich – the largest university and the broadest range of courses in Switzerland

The University of Zurich was founded in 1833, though its origins stretch back as far as 1525 and the days of protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli. Today the University enjoys international renown as a place of education and research. Two thousand lecturers in 140 special institutes provide the broadest range of subjects and courses available from any Swiss seat of higher education. With 24,000 students and 1,900 graduates every year, Zurich is also Switzerland’s largest university. The University provides academic services, works with the private sector and considers itself part of a national and global network for the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge.

Zurich’s international reputation is based on groundbreaking research, particularly in molecular biology, brain research and anthropology, and on the work of the University Hospital and Veterinary Hospital.

The University’s researchers, lecturers and students benefit from the infrastructure that Zurich provides as a center of teaching and research. Apart from its own institutions, the University offers its members access to archive collections, libraries and the facilities of the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), as well as to the city’s private institutions. Nine museums and collections, covering subjects from anthropology to zoology, constitute yet another valuable academic resource.
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