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UNIGE is the second-largest university in Switzerland. With its 17 faculties, institutes and research centers, it offers a wide range of teaching and conducts academic research in all major scientific disciplines. Biomedical sciences are among the most prominent research areas of UNIGE. For the management of European research projects and fellowships, UNIGE has set-up a European grants office ( working closely together with specialized accounting, legal and human resource support services.
The Faculty of Medicine is the second largest faculty of UNIGE. It is closely partnered with the University Hospital of Geneva ( and consists of three sections, Fundamental Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Dental Medicine. The section of Fundamental Medicine comprises six departments focussing on research themes that have been attributed high priorities by the Faculty of Medicine on the basis of academic excellence and an outstanding scientific track record. The Department of Pathology and Immunology comprises 10 basic research teams and 5 affiliated groups from the section of Clinical Medicine. The majority of these groups concentrate on research in the fields of immunology and immunopathology.
To promote excellence in cutting-edge research, the Faculty of Medicine has made a major investment in the establishment and maintenance of numerous state-of-the-art core facilities. The latter notably include facilities that are directly relevant to research performed in DC-THERA (genomics, proteomics, high-throughput sequencing, animal housing, generation of genetically modified mice, flow-cytometry).
The laboratory of Walter Reith has a longstanding interest and expertise in the transcriptional regulation of gene expression in cells of the immune system, with a particular accent on human and mouse antigen presenting cells, including B lymphocytes, macrophages and DCs. Experimental strategies applied routinely in his laboratory encompass standard molecular, biochemical and cellular techniques for analyzing transcriptional and post-transcriptional control mechanisms, the generation of transgenic and knockout mice to study the functional consequences of perturbing specific regulatory pathways in vivo, and high-throughput technologies for characterizing regulatory networks, including microarray gene expression profiling, and genome-wide ChIP-chip and ChIP-seq methods for study transcription factor binding and epigenetic chromatin modifications.
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