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The University of Milano - Bicocca was conceived as an open campus with wide spaces at its disposal in the international city of Milan.
The "Bicocca", as it is commonly known, is a university that strongly believes in the potential of its students and in combining their studies with an active social life.

The University of Milano - Bicocca has twenty-one departments for the scientific areas of Economics, Educational Sciences, Law, Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and surgery, Psychology, Sociology, Statistical Sciences.
The departments promote research at the University, and organise the research doctorate programmes.

The University of Milano—Bicocca turned 10 in 2008 but our history is richer than it seems. It was instituted on June 10th, 1998 to serve students from Northern Italy and take some pressure off the historical University of Milan which was getting over-crowded. At that time we did not have an officially nominated teaching staff. Groups of professors and researchers from the same scientific fields chose to come and participate in the project. They were driven by their enthusiasm for the new, and by the chance to broaden academic horizons without having their work undermined by traditional education methods. From the start, this very fertile climate became a unique training ground, which offered something new, even for the most traditional disciplines.

The University stands in an area on the northern outskirts of Milan that up until the late eighties was occupied by the Pirelli tyre industrial complex and is now the product of the biggest urban renewal project ever carried out in Milan since the end of the Second World War. Based on a design by the world-renowned ‘Gregotti Associati International’ design and architectural firm, the ex industrial area and its warehouses were quickly converted into a new district, which includes our Athenaeum, research laboratories and student residence halls, the Arcimboldi Theatre, temporary location of the La Scala theatre during its renewal tenure, the state National Research Council (CNR), multinational company offices and the new headquarters of the Pirelli Group, new homes and sports centres, showrooms, a large multi-screen cinema, and a park with the ‘Collina dei ciliegi’ (cherry-tree hill).

In this cityscape the University of Milano—Bicocca was born and hundreds of lecturers have brought their competences, international networks and research groups. This synergy makes the University a laboratory where tradition and modernity are fused to invent an innovative visionary future.

But why Bicocca? The new quarter is named after the ancient villa Bicocca degli Arcimboldi (located at # 202, viale Sarca), a mid-15th century rural residence of the Arcimboldi family, which now belongs to a financial holding company. In the heart of the Bicocca quarter, University buildings are characterized by red walls and white window shutters: the main complex facing the squares Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo and Piazza della Scienza is made of two pre-existing Pirelli warehouses.
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