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Oncology institute Eugène Marquis (CRLCC)

The Oncology institute Eugène Marquis in Rennes is one of the 20 centers founded in 1945 and now united in a joint structure, the National Federation of French Cancer Centers.

Public founded and based within the teaching hospital campus of Pontchaillou, it brings together the resources required for its triple mission of health care, education and research in cancer.

With a highly specialized team and a high standard facilities and equipment, the center offer to its patients:
- Comprehensive treatment of breast cancer, including surgery.
- Radiotherapy of all kind of diseases, including clinical hematology and pediatric oncology
- Chemotherapy of solid tumours in adults
- Therapeutic use of radioactive isotopes, e.g. after surgery of thyroid cancer
- Medical imaging (PET scan, CT scan, radionuclide scanning, X Ray, Ultrasound, etc.)
- Laboratory facilities.
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Address 101 rue de Tolbiac
75654 Paris Cedex 13

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