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The LUMC is one of several academical medical centres in the Netherlands. The core tasks of the LUMC are:

Patient care: routine care, high-level clinical care, and in particular, high-level reference care.
Research: both fundamental and bedside, healthcare-oriented research.
Education for the faculties of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.
Specialist medical training.
Additional training, both post-doctoral and post-vocational.

The LUMC comprises the Leiden University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine of Leiden University. The LUMC, which employs approximately 7000 people, is located close to Leiden central station.

The mission of the Leiden University Medical Center is to perform its core tasks at the highest possible level. Consequently, the LUMC aims to provide the best possible quality regarding both medical technology and patient care and treatment. The keywords are openness and information.

With regard to research, the LUMC intends to maintain its position among the international elite with its centres of excellence and research focuses. The interaction of fundamental research and patient care forms the basis of our management policy.

This means that the range of top clinical functions and reference tasks performed by the LUMC, many of them national or international, are built on a strong scientific foundation. In addition to its supraregional and national functions, the LUMC offers quality and quantity across the entire range of medical science. This is a must if the LUMC is to fulfil its public function as an innovator of healthcare and the healthcare system as well as its scientific role as a tester of new and existing medical technology.

It goes without saying that the same applies to student teaching and specialist training. Clearly, there are some tasks the LUMC cannot, or does not wish to, perform on its own, so close collaboration with qualified general hospitals is required. Consequently, the LUMC continues to create and maintain networking structures in the fields mentioned earlier. In doing so, the 'appropriate use' of healthcare facilities remains a sine qua non.

Through its teaching facilities, the LUMC will be turning out patient-centred doctors and scientists with a critical scientific attitude and the right dose of scientific curiosity. The gratification offered by academic pursuits is an essential ingredient. Further internationalisation of education is high on the list of priorities.

Based on the principle of 'life-long learning', the LUMC's Boerhaave Committee plays a pivotal role of increasing importance as the largest post-academic medical training organisation in the Netherlands.

The LUMC intends to even further consolidate this position, and to elevate the Leiden post-vocational training courses to the same level. Commitment to the team effort by each and every person working at the Leiden University Medical Center is a prerequisite for the realisation of these ambitions.
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