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The objective of the creation of the Institut de Transplantation et de Recherche en Transplantation (ITERT) was to promote a medical-biological dynamic entity capable of promoting transplantation medicine and its research to a level of European excellence. The ITERT was created in 1991 based on article L6.146-8 of the code of public health offering the possibility to experiment with new forms of medical organisation linking, for example, a clinical activity and a biological activity.
The ITERT is located in the Jean Monnet building on the Hôtel-Dieu site of Nantes University Hospital where it occupies different floors including the basement (animal section), the garden level (consultations, secretariat, medical offices, conference room, DIVAT –database-and annex of Etablissement Français des Greffes (French Transplant Organisation), the upper ground floor (Nephrology and Clinical Immunology Department, including acute haemodialysis care unit and graft intensive care), and the first floor (INSERM UMR 643). Only the Large Animal Laboratory, for obvious technical reasons, is located in the Hôtel-Dieu away from Jean Monnet. The main part of the clinical and biological activity of the ITERT is therefore grouped together on one single site: the Jean Monnet building of the Hôtel-Dieu.
The ITERT is one of the two leading European centres in the number of transplanted kidneys (175 in 2004). For the last three years, the ITERT is one of the two leading French centre for pancreas transplantation (31 in 2004). The length of the waiting list of patients for transplants at the ITERT is 427 for kidneys and 36 for the pancreas.

Since 1991, the ITERT has published 440 scientific articles and 264 of them were original ones.

The ITERT has an international scientific council and has been supported since its creation by the Fondation Progreffe, a charitable foundation of companies.

The ITERT has contributed to the creation of three companies in the domain of biotechnology and healthcare databanks.

The ITERT is part of a local biomedical institute of research (Institut Fédératif de Recherche 26) which gathers more of 650 scientific personnel.

The ITERT has close links to OUEST-Génopole through their common facilities (rat transgenesis and transcriptome). A center for regenerative medicine (Centre d’Investigations Clinique en Biothérapie) has recently been created in Nantes University Hospital and the ITERT was one of the initiators of the proposal. The recently awarded Atlantic Biotherapies National Competitivity Pole encompasses academic and industrial partners in this area, including the ITERT (President, J-P. Soulillou).
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