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The Institute of Immunology (ÚI) was established in 1995. It was created from the merger of the Department of Clinical Immunology at the Motol Teaching Hospital and the Institute of Immunology of the Second Medical Faculty into a single institution active in health care and teaching. Since 1995, the Institute of Immunology underwent many changes in terms of the organization of its activities, a significant expansion of its health care and teaching components and an intensifying of its research activities. The Institute is awarded research grants from the Ministries of Education a Health and International EU grants. Employees of the institute published many original articles in renowned journals and are authors of textbooks and monographs. At present, the Institute is one of the most significant immunology workplaces in the Czech Republic; it plays an important role through the cooperation with other departments of the Motol Teaching Hospital in the diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies, autoimmune disorders and leukemia primarily in children. Successful developments in the field of cancer immunology based on the research into tumour vaccines on the basis of dendritic cells. In 2003, the Institute was recognized as a workplace fulfilling the requirements of the American Federation of Societies for Clinical Immunology (FOCIS) and became part of the international chain of Centers for Clinical Immunology.

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* Immunotherapy
Research Aim: Long term goal of the group of tumor immunotherapy is the development of dendritic cell based cancer vaccine. Administration of this vaccine should induce tumor cell-specific induce response and contribute to current treatment options. Dendritic cells represent the most efficient antigen presenting cells as they activate primary immune response. Protocols developed in 1990s allow for generation of large numbers of dendritic cells from monocytes circulating in peripheral blood. Dendritic cell biology and their use in the immunotherapy of tumors have been studied at the Institute of Immunology for more than 10 years as documented by the list of publications . In collaboration with renowned European laboratories, we develop protocols for dendritic cell-based vaccines for the treatment of ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and for patients with hematological malignancies. First step of vaccine development is generation of large numbers of denritic cells from patient's monocytes. Dendritic cells are then incubated with various forms of tumor antigens, activated and subsequently administered to patients in defined vaccination programs. Cancer vaccine generation has to be done under strictly aseptic conditions. In 2007, University hospital Motol built a Cell therapy unit, first unit in Czech republic that allows for generation of clinical grade products for cellular therapy, including cancer vaccines.

Principal Investigators prof. Jirina Bartunková, M.D., Ph.D., MBA., Radek Špíšek, M.D., Ph.D.

Financial support: Research of dendritic cells at the Institute of Immunology, Charles University, 2nd Medical School has been supported by grants from Ministry of Education, grant agencies, grants form European Union.

* Primary immunodeficiencies
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