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Team 4 of the INSERM unit 892

Dendritic cell biology : Application to immune-therapy of cancer

Developed a decade ago on mesothelioma cancer, our work had shown that cell death and, in particular, the apoptotic process could initiate immunogenic properties if triggered in a context of cellular stress. Our more recent studies highlighted the induction of one such apoptosis with a favourable immunogenic context either by viral infection (attenuated vaccine of measles virus), or by methylation of DNA and/or the histone de-acethylation via their inhibitor treatments.
We also showed, in vitro and in vivo, that dendritic cells, after phagocytosis of these apoptotic cells, could initiate an immune response with activation of a specific T cell response (by presentation and cross-presentation of antigens).
The aim of our investigation is to propose alternative therapeutics to conventional therapies of pleural mesothelioma, by initiating immunogenic properties of mesothelioma cancer cells after treatments such as :
1) induction of tumor associated antigen expression by specific epigenetic drugs including DNA methylation and histone de-acethylation inhibitors,
2) induction of immunogenic properties of cancer cells viro-infected (measles virus vaccine)
3) induction of an effective cytotoxic immune response via dendritic cells loaded with apoptotic tumor cells.
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Address Office: Institut de Recherche Thérapeutique (IRT1), INSERM Unit 892 - CRCNA, 8 quai Moncousu - BP 70721
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