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Centre for Experimental and Clinical Infection Research, Twincore

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In many parts of the world it has proved possible to push back the spread of infectious diseases; however, they are not yet defeated quite the opposite, in fact: microbes are developing resistance to medicines; global trade and foreign travel are transporting pathogens around the world at an ever faster pace. Tuberculosis, AIDS, hepatitis and malaria threaten the health of millions of people.

At TWINCORE medical personnel and basic research scientists from various disciplines conduct infection research side by side. Our focus is upon translational research the interface between basic research and clinical development.
The goal is to enable the latest findings from basic research to lead to new therapies or diagnostic procedures for patients in the shortest of times. At the same time, basic researchers are looking for answers provided by the clinical work. A further key component of these bridges spanning research and practice is the approval procedures that we are required to complete for clinical applications. Our scientists at TWINCORE support the development of new strategies to combat infectious diseases by creating a scientific basis for risk assessment in advance of the clinical trials.

Around 70 scientists at TWINCORE are currently involved in addressing the following question: what occurs during the course of an infection and what can we do to counteract it? The unique aspect of our establishment is that medical experts, virologists, bacteriologists and immunologists join together in addressing pressing matters regarding infection research. TWINCORE incorporates four TWINCORE groups and two translational research groups of the Hannover Medical School:

- Institute for Experimental Infection Research
- Department for Experimental Virology
- Institute for Infection Immunology
- Department for Pathophysiology of Bacterial Biofilms
- Cell and Gene Therapy Clinical Research Group
- Infection and Cancer Clinical Research Group

Our researchers analyse how pathogens and host cells interact with one another and which new mechanisms can inhibit this interaction. They are working on new vaccination strategies that train the immune system in a more specific manner than vaccination methods have been able to thus far. Moreover, in order to research severe illnesses such as hepatitis C our researchers are developing new preclinical model systems - from new cell culture systems to mice with an immune system similar to that of humans.
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