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PhD SCIENCE REPORT NICOLAS KESTEMAN: Analysis of the transcriptome of murine splenic DC



The objective of our work was to identify genes involved in the function of mature DCs by comparing genes expressed by DC before and after maturation.

Immature and mature dendritic cells were purified from spleens at ULB. The transcriptomes of both populations were analyzed and compared at the University of Milano and the data were sent back to us. Interestingly, the gene STAT4 was the most upregulated during maturation (by 30-fold). We therefore compared the antigen-presenting-cell function of DC from WT versus STAT-4 KO mice but the results did not reveal anay reproducible defect in the capacity of either population to induce the development of Thelper cell subsets in vitro or in vivo.
In parallel, Nicolas Kesteman pursued his work on the migration of neutrophils after LPS injection and showed that neutrophils and DC colocalize in the spleen.

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